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The solution

Natural Money in a few sentences:
* Interest rates will go below zero due to excess capital
* There can be stable economic growth without crises
* Tax cash and set a maximum interest rate of zero on loans
* It will be attractive to lend out money at zero or negative interest rates for you don't have to pay the tax in this way
* The tax encourages spending without the need for more debt
* The maximum interest rate curbs reckless lending because there is no reward for taking excessive risk
* The maximum interest rate stabilises the economy by reducing credit during a boom and increasing credit during a slowdown


Natural Money Overview

A new financial crisis may be coming
Why is there so much debt?
Systemic failures
So why is there interest?
Is there an alternative?
Introducing Natural Money
Will it work?
Making the market do its job
Fewer economic crises
Fiscal discipline for the welfare state
No central bank subsidy for commercial banks
Efficiency of financial markets
Benefits for workers
Balancing trade
Local development
Sustainable economics and the limits of growth
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