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The European 112 Day

11 February 2009, 9:01 PM

Taken from: - The European 112 Day

The 112 number is celebrated every year on 11th of February.

The European 112 day is all about attention: our attention to other people, our friends and family. It's also about attention to safety and security in Europe.

The European 112 Day was officially established in 2009 by the European Union. In all European member states, it is a great opportunity to tell all citizens about the number that can save their lives!

The 11th of February brings us all a challenge about the promotion of 112 in order to raise people's awareness. Only one out of four Europeans recognises 112 as the European emergency number available in all Member States. Each year, more and more Member States follow the idea of organising a special 112 Day at the national level.