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The 11:11 Coincidence Gallery

27 December 2009 - 5 February 2015


The 11 phenomenon could indicate that our universe is a virtual reality and that people's minds are controlled by a programme. People consistently experiencing the 11-phenomenon could have been programmed to watch when the number 11 can be seen. There are many websites about the 11-phenomenon. A number of those sites are listed on this page. Some websites promote esotheric theories that lack solid evidence.

That does not mean that the 11-phenomenon is fiction, but there might not be more to it than mind control. There is no evidence that angels are interfering or that people experiencing the phenomenon have a special purpose in a plan. I have experienced it too. Also this web page is involved in a remarkable 11:11-related coincidence, as will be explained at the bottom of this page.

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Steve Pavlina

Uri Geller

The 11 phenomenon at work

After uploading this page to the server I saw that something amazing had happened. The registered upload timestamp of the html-file named 11coincidencegallery.html was 11:11. Those who dig deeper may see that there are more 11-related coincidences in the dates and times.

11:11 coincidence with this page

Even more remarkable was a discovery I did more than one year later. After uploading parts from the Killtown's 9/11 Coincidences website, I found out that they were uploaded on 11 April 2011 on 9:11 AM. At that time, the current page 11coincidencegallery.html was last uploaded on 11 September 2010.

9:11 coincidence with 9/11 coincidences