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“Al-Qaeda planning attack in The Hague”

29 August 2012

Author: RNW

Taken from: RNW - “Al-Qaeda planning attack in The Hague”

Al-Qaeda has reportedly recruited two Somali men in Pakistan to carry out a suicide attack in The Hague. According to the Pakistani weekly Friday Times, al-Qaeda has recruited two Somali students in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

The terrorist organisation trained them in the use of weapons and explosives and reportedly ordered them to carry out an attack in The Hague, similar to the shooting and bombing attacks in Mumbai in 2008. The Friday Times reports that the two Somalis would travel to Europe “as Christians” with stolen Spanish passports.

A Dutch intelligence source told the daily De Telegraaf that the threat is “serious ”. A spokesperson for the Dutch embassy in Pakistan told the Friday Times that they take all these threats very serious. “We are working closely with our Pakistani counterparts to eliminate such threats."