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It Is Possible

It is possible to end poverty, make the economy sustainable, enhance economic growth, improve employment, and reduce income inequality. It is possible to end financial and economic crises. It all begins with Natural Money. Natural Money can facilitate lower interest rates so that it will be possible to make the necessary investments. Natural Money can stop banks from taking risks that threaten the financial system and the economy.

Natural Money is inflation-free and interest-free money with a holding tax. This means that maximum interest rate on money and loans is zero and that there is a tax on cash ranging from 0.5% to 1% per month. If you lend out money, put it in a bank account, or invest it, you don't have to pay the tax. And so it can be attractive to invest, put your money in a bank account, or lend it at zero or slightly negative interest rates. This website explains how this idea will work out in practise.


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