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Linda and Terry Jamison

As on 11 May 2013
The predictions of Linda and Terry Jamison about 9/11 are eerie, like many other coincidences surrounding 9/11. Learn more about it in The Universe As a Virtual Reality.

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Linda and Terry Jamison are American identical twins, professionally known as The Psychic Twins.[1] They are best known for the prediction they made in 1999 on the Art Bell radio show. The Twins said "that there would be terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and federal buildings by 2002."[2]

World Trade Center and Federal Buildings terrorist attack prediction in 1999

While being interviewed on the Art Bell radio show (Coast to Coast A.M.) on November 2, 1999, The Psychic Twins predicted that there would be a terrorist attack on the federal government and the World Trade Center in 2002. The actual quote is, "We are seeing terrorist attacks on federal government – excuse me, federal buildings. Particularly South Carolina or Georgia, by July 2002.[3] And also the New York Trade Center – the World Trade Center in 2002, with something, with a terrorist attack."[4] However, the predicted date was incorrect as the terrorist attacks actually occurred on September 11, 2001. According to an article in Woman's Own magazine, and a documentary on A&E, they also correctly predicted that John F. Kennedy Jr. would die by plane.[4] It was also predicted from the Psychic Twins that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony would not stay together as a couple on La Fusion TV in 2009.[5]

Al-Qaeda terror threat predictions in Europe

January 2010, The Psychic Twins predicted "Al-Qaeda terror threats in France, Germany and London, England in fall of 2010." This prediction was made in the After Dark magazine, the official magazine for Coast to Coast AM. The article is entitled The Psychic Twins' Predictions for 2010.[6] In the news on September 29, 2010 it was announced "Al-Qaeda plot to attack European cities uncovered". Yahoo News, September 29, 2010[7] It went on to say "Intelligence agencies have uncovered an Al-Qaeda plot to launch attacks in Britain, France and Germany by Pakistan-based extremists."

Terry and Linda Jamison on David Baker's "Beyond the Gate" radio show

Terry and Linda Jamison were guests on David Baker’s “Beyond the Gate” radio show on January 23, 2011.[8] They had made predictions for 2011, that consist of severe tornadoes in the Midwest of the United States. The Psychic Twins said "Severe storms, flooding and tornadoes in Southern and Midwestern states – including Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky in 2011.”[9][10] They had also predicted different terror plots around the world, with specific countries being named.
- Miami, Florida: Terror plot exposed. Reported by CNN[11]
- Frankfurt, Germany: “Terror attack at German airport”. Reported by CNN[12] David Baker’s “Beyond the Gate" radio talk show recorded the Psychic Twins predictions for 2011, in which all predictions of 2011 can be heard.[13] David Baker was also interviewed by the American Chronicle, with Wendy Garrett on July 20, 2011, giving the history behind the Psychic Twins.[14]


Linda and Terry Jamison grew up in the small town of West Chester, Pennsylvania, attending East Bradford Elementary School, and later Henderson High School. Their parents, Jane Bethel Gray and Philip Jamison, were writers and painters.[15] According to a 2006 documentary on A&&E, Philip is a watercolor artist of worldwide renown.[16][17] The Jamison Twins also have an older brother Philip Duane Jamison III, nickname "Flip", who has not displayed any psychic abilities.

Education and career

The Jamison Twins both attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA)[18] for one year in Philadelphia, Pa. after graduating high school. They both went on to different universities after their first year of attending PAFA. Terry Jamison attended Penn State University for one year, and Linda Jamison attended the University of Delaware, both then transferred to Temple University's Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia Pa. The Jamison Twins went on to obtain fine arts degrees from Temple University (Tyler School of Art), and worked as performance artists.

Terry Jamison is a painter and had collaborated in the 1980s with artists Frank Shifreen and Mark Oberg to sponsor and exhibited paintings and sculptures of New York's emerging talents.The exhibition was called The Gowanus Canal Monumental Show.[19] Linda Jamison was said to be the performer of the twins.[20] They had their own performing arts company, Pop Theatrics, which would perform music, comedy, dance, and acrobatics in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as the White House for the Reagans. The twins later starred in a short comedy film titled Louise's Tidy Tips playing the part of "Louise" the two-headed housewife on Saturday Night Live. This short comedy film was produced by Maxi Cohen for Saturday Night Live and specifically for the appearance of the Jamison Twins.[21][22]

The twins endured different illnesses for many years. They had stated "they went through many treatments and doctors to find relief". After many attempts to find treatment for their illnesses the Jamison Twins had begun to practice Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism in the late 1980s. This gave them a new sense of purpose to teach, inspire, and motivate others.[23] The Jamison Twins had a motto "Never give up—no matter what!"[24]

In the year of 1990 they moved to Los Angeles, California[25] with no money and had taken odd jobs as Doctor Assistants and worked in Retail Sales to make ends meet.[26] The Jamison Twins have said that this particular time in their lives they started to perform psychic readings and have since counseled people in every walk of life, teaching them how to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual growth. This was the start of what the Jamison Twins called "Twin-tuition".[27]

Film and television appearances

Linda and Terry Jamison have appeared in many films and television shows, as "The Psychic Twins", performers, and also as identical twins. They have performed on SNL, which gave them the opportunity to create their own mini-series spin-off of SNL's Louise's Tidy Tips. This film was titled Louise on VHl "Ha! Channel" that aired for a year in 1991.

The Jamison Twins appeared in several documentaries such as Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense. It was produced by CBS for A&&E and has aired on A&&E, Biography Channel, and the History Channel since 2006.[28] The twins have also appeared on Extreme Twins: Hidden Lives – documentary that aired in the United Kingdom,Channel 5 in 2006.[29] In 2010 the Jamison Twins appeared with Mark Dolan, on the subject of The World's Most Identical Twins and Me. It was produced by Dragonfly for the United Kingdom and New Zealand, Channel 4.[30] Terry and Linda Jamison were interviewed on AOL twice this year by Lisa Johnson Mandell, on job and career choices. They have counseled many people on which direction would be best for their future careers.[31][32]


Terry and Linda Jamison appeared on Good Morning America[33] on June 21, 2011 to discuss their newly released book entitled "Psychic Intelligence".[34]

On July 2, 2011 The Jamison Twins made an appearance on the radio show Coast to Coast with Ian Punnett. They predicted a hurricane would hit the east coast causing great destruction. Ian Punnett asked the Twins: "You have an opportunity tonight to make your next big prediction here on Coast to Coast. What's coming up?" The Psychic Twins replied: "We're seeing a major hurricane that's slamming the east coast by will slam Florida, Georgia, North will even go up the coast toward New York. It will be a VERY extreme hurricane..."[35]

They also appeared on Nightline ABC Primetime Special "twin-tuition" June 29, 2011. Juju Chang of ABC Nightline, interviews the Psychic Twins and profiles their fascinating world as Psychics. Juju Chang also looks into the special connection between identical twins that allows some siblings to share a language. They know what the other twin is thinking or share physical sensations across long distances.[36]

Terri and Linda Jamison were guests on The View on July 8, 2011. They discussed their newly released book Psychic Intelligence,[37] which is a number one best seller (July 2011) on Amazon in the Spirituality category, Spirituality Occult, Religion and Spirituality and also number one best seller on the Kindle Store same categories. They are listed on ABC as "The Psychic Twins give predictions for Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on ABC’s The View, July 8, 2011.”[38] During their appearance they also predicted a destructive Hurricane would hit the east coast, in which they named exact states that would feel the effects of the destruction it would cause.[39][40] Also on the View July 8, 2011, the Psychic Twins predicted “Terror plots on New York City and Washington D.C. will be thwarted in September 2011”. On September 8, 2011 it was revealed that a terror plot was discovered as credible. Feds: Zawahiri Launched Al Qaeda Terror Plot for 9/11 Anniversary.[41][42]

They had discussed their 9/11 prediction, showing actual writings from 1999, before the attacks on September 11, 2001.

After the Psychic Twins' appearance on The View, the Daily India writes that "Whoopi Goldberg was a German nun in a previous life, say psychic twins", the Daily India also gives Whoopi's reaction, in which she agreed at one point in her life she considered becoming a nun.[43] Terri and Linda Jamison appeared on the Australian morning show Sunrise (TV program), July 19, 2011, for an interview of their predictions.[44]


In 2012, the Psychic Twins have appeared on Wings of Love (January 4, 2012), Hay House Radio with John Holland (December 12, 2011) and Beyond the Gate with David M. Baker (February 19, 2012).[45][46] They had said "We see more homegrown attacks, many being thwarted but some being successful, unfortunately… We see major school attacks in 2012, schools being victimized by young terrorists in the US. You're going to read more about lone wolf terror attacks… and one or two schools being victimized by young terrorists as well, sad to say…." On December 14, 2012 a shooting rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary, Connecticut, leaves 28 dead, which were mostly small children.[47] Their predictions have been on breakthrough drugs for the cure of cancer, fight in weight loss, and heart disease. It has been reported on Health Day News, Reuters and that new clinical studies are promising in the cure for the diseases mentioned above.[48] They had also predicted two assassination plots on President Obama which have been thwarted[49] and also recorded breaking tornadoes in the Midwest. On February 28, 2012 and October 19, 2012 it was reported through the news media that two men were arrested in separate instances from threats they made on the President’s life. The twins spoke about forthcoming events such as earthquakes in parts of the world such as Mexico, Japan and Italy. All three countries have experienced the predicted earthquakes within the first six months of 2012. Homegrown terrorist attacks would be thwarted as seen in USA Today, May 1, 2012: “FBI arrest five men in terror plot to bomb bridge near Cleveland." March 25, 2012, the Psychic Twins appeared in a documentary on A&&E entitled “ The UneXplained”. They also appear as "The Psychic Twins" in this series on The Biography Channel. “The UneXplained" is produced by Doug Liman and Russ Stratton. This revolutionary new documentary series first premiered on August 4, 2012, The Psychic Twins episode "Death in the Desert" aired August 18, 2012, in which they track a killer through unconventional means and metaphysical practices that are authentic human mysteries.[50]

May 16, 2012, Terri and Linda Jamison appeared on the radio show “Wings of Love”, with radio host Allie Cheslick. On this program, they had predicted the attack that occurred on July 20, in Aurora, Colorado, just 10 miles outside of Denver, Colorado. This is a where a homegrown terrorist had shot 80 people in a crowded movie theater, killing 12. They said, “We are seeing some dangerous terror plots…there’s something in Denver, Colorado area…”. They also predicted a terror-free Olympics in London 2012.[51] They were featured in the Woman's Day Magazine, June 4, 2012, entitled "We're the world's only psychic twins". The focus of the article is the close bond that they share with each other as identical twins and their predictions of future events.[52]

While making an appearance on the “Journey to the Center” radio show with Dr. Tammi Baliszewski on July 25, 2012, the twins predicted that Michael Phelps would win more medals then anyone in Olympic history with the addition of the 2012 London games.[53] On August 1, 2012, it was announced that Michael Phelps was the most decorated Olympian in History with 19 Medals.[54]


The Psychic Twins appeared on Beyond the Gate with David M. Baker given their world predictions for 2013-14.[55]

Book appearances

- The 100 Top Psychics in America, by Paulette Cooper (Simon & Schuster), 1996. ISBN 0-671-53401-7.
- The Book of Twins (Doubleday), by and Lisa Gants 1998. ISBN 0-385-33314-5.
- Identical, by Bill Sorem (NeverStop), 2003 – Twins presented on the cover.[56]
- Career Comeback, by Lisa Johnson Mandell (Hachette), 2010. ISBN 0-446-54965-7.

Separated at Earth

The Psychic Twins' first book Separated at Earth (2007), the story of their personal and professional lives. Terry and Linda Jamison go into detail about growing up and the events that took place that lead them into the direction of becoming Psychic Twins.

The dedication of the book reads:

This book is dedicated to all the heroes who died on 9/11.

Psychic Intelligence

The Psychic Twins release "Psychic Intelligence" Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition. (Hachette Book Group, Inc. 2011)

Alternative views

Critic Leon Jaroff has pointed out that the Jamison twins are frequently incorrect in their predictions.[57] For example, in December 2003, they incorrectly predicted that Saddam Hussein would be killed by U.S troops in early 2004 (he was actually executed after a trial in 2006), and that Pope John Paul II would die in June 2004 (he actually died in April 2005).


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