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30 September 2013 - 16 June 2017


Interest and Inflation Free Money. Margrit Kennedy (Pdf).
Money And Its Alternatives. Henk van Arkel and Guus Peterse (Pdf).
Natural Economic Order. Silvio Gesell (Pdf).
Poor Because of Money. Henk van Arkel and Camilo Ramada (Pdf).
The Capitalistic Cost-Benefit Structure of Money. Dieter Suhr (Pdf).

News Articles

Negative interest rates make people behave in weird and wonderful ways. Quartz. 23-02-2017.
The Fed may be preparing for the unthinkable — negative interest rates in America. Yahoo Finance. 03-09-2016.
Maybe Negative Yields Are a Sign of Prosperity. Bloomberg. 27-07-2016.
IMF Calls for Negative Interest Rates. New American. 13-04-2016.
Why use negative interest rates? BBC. 15-02-2016.
'Neglected Prophet' of Economics Got It Right. Bloomberg. 03-07-2015.

Monetary reform

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Interest-free money and community currencies

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