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30 September 2013 - 29 June 2016

Monetary reform

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Monetary Reform
The Money Illusion

Interest-free money and community currencies

Bernard Lietaer
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Community Currency
Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal - Monetary Policy
* Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal - How and Why to Eliminate the Zero Lower Bound: A Reader’s Guide
* Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal - Quartz 64–>Radical Banking: The World Needs New Tools to Fight the Next Recession
* Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal - Quartz #5–>How Subordinating Paper Currency to Electronic Money Can End Recessions and End Inflation
Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability
Institute for New Economic Thinking
International Journal of Community Currency Research
Margrit Kennedy
Positive Money
Real Currencies
Reinventing Money
Social Trade Organisation
The Money Illusion
UsuryFree Eye Opener

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