the plan for the future

Captain Decker - Boudewijn de Groot

Captain Decker, Flying Dutchman,
climbs above the timeless
space machine you're living in,
starts to turn you inside out,
he needs you to know
what he was really all about.

Captain Decker, Flying Dutchman,
gives the one thought
to the state the world of mirrors is in. [3]
he knows that you're mine to be blown
and for ever be free
to sail out on an ocean of humanity.

Captain Decker, Flying Dutchman,
lightning and thunder,
wave upon waves make you come up and go under.
Lose yourself and find yourself.
Whose is this body called love?
And what's the state
of beyond and beyonder?
And what's the state
of beyond and beyonder?
And what's the state
of beyond and beyonder?

Captain Decker, Flying Dutchman,
makes you wonder:
is this me and am I real.

My eyes can see what you can see.
If I'm free why shouldn't you be?
Raving hunger in the body the body yeah,
and desire spreads for other bodies,
to join in the winds forever.

Captain Decker, Flying Dutchman... [6]

The power is in your hands
[1] The timeless space machine may refer to the location God is living in.
[2] He may need God to find out what his role is.
[3] The world we live in nay not be real.
[4] There appears to be a love between them.
[5] This could refer to answering the questions about the nature of our existence.
[6] This suggests that he may come from the Netherlands.