the plan for the future

You Can Help

Natural Money is a comprehensive concept for the future financial system. It appears that, even though there may still be some minor issues, it can be implemented world wide, most notably in mature economies where interest rates are already near zero. The research has come to the point that economists can understand why Natural Money might be a good idea. The next step is to increase awareness that this option exists.

I am not an economist and my possibilities as an individual are limited. I have researched economic theory and posted the idea on message boards. People who tried to debunk it have helped me to find issues and to improve it. During those years it became clear how Natural Money might help to provide a stable financial system and a robust economy. Natural Money can end financial and economic crises, perhaps forever.

If you understand the economic theory of Natural Money, and if you believe it is worth considering, you can help propagating the idea by spreading the news, most notably to economics researchers. Don't expect to be welcomed. Success will not come easily. If you want to help, and you have questions, you can email me at info [at] Alternatively, you can post a message on the message board.