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About Natural Money

Negative interest rates are coming. This is a great opportunity. We can end poverty, make the economy sustainable, and reduce income inequality. Financial and economic crises can be gone forever. Natural Money can help to make that happen.

Natural Money has a maximum interest rate on money and loans of zero and a tax on central bank currency ranging from 0.5% to 1% per month. If you lend out money, put it in a bank account, or invest it, you don't have to pay the tax.

With Natural Money comes a new type of cash issued by the treasury backed by short-term loans to the government. Cash and digital money will be seperate currencies. Cash is not central bank currency any more so it doesn't carry a holding tax.

There may be no inflation and prices may go down so the value of digital money may rise and zero can be a positive return. For that reason it can be attractive to lend out money interest free or to put it in a bank account at slightly negative interest rates.