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30 September 2013 (latest update: 3 May 2023)


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News Articles

Bank of Japan sticks to negative rates while announcing policy review. CNBC. 28-04-2023.
Analysis: Europe says goodbye to negative rates - or just 'au revoir'?. Reuters. 22-09-2022.
The Evidence Is in on Negative Interest Rate Policies. IMF. 03-03-2021.
We may be in the midst of a historic paradigm shift in financial markets: strategist. Yahoo Finance. 04-09-2019.
Lagarde says negative rates have helped Europe more than they’ve hurt. Marketwatch. 29-08-2019.
Negative interest rates are pushing European banks to tipping point, Danish watchdog warns. Financial Post. 27-08-2019.
Danish bank launches world’s first negative interest rate mortgage. The Guardian. 13-08-2019.
The Non-Weirdness of Negative Interest Rates. Bloomberg. 08-08-2019.
UBS to charge super-rich for cash deposits. The Guardian. 06-08-2019.
Negative interest rates make people behave in weird and wonderful ways. Quartz. 23-02-2017.
The Fed may be preparing for the unthinkable — negative interest rates in America. Yahoo Finance. 03-09-2016.
Maybe Negative Yields Are a Sign of Prosperity. Bloomberg. 27-07-2016.
IMF Calls for Negative Interest Rates. New American. 13-04-2016.
Why use negative interest rates? BBC. 15-02-2016.
'Neglected Prophet' of Economics Got It Right. Bloomberg. 03-07-2015.

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