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Bart klein Ikink
Bart klein Ikink

My name is Bart klein Ikink. I am an independent researcher living the Netherlands. In 2008 I discovered that demurrage currency combined with a ban on charging interest could improve the economy. This design is called Natural Money, named after the Natural Economic Order of Silvio Gesell. If this is correct then Natural Money will be the money of the future.

After receiving my Masters in Business Information Technology at the University of Twente in 1992, I took up interest in interest-free money with a holding tax. Over the years I have discussed these ideas on financial message boards and took keen interest in the arguments of people opposing such an idea. Feasibility is the main angle of my research.

This research focuses on whether or not interest-free demurrage currencies are feasible and the consequences of implementing the concept. This project aims to notify the scientific community and the general public of this solution. If you have any suggestions or comments and want to contact me then you can send an email to info [at] I have not much time for emails so I may not answer.